'This Is Not An Issue-Oriented Campaign' — And There Are 2 Weeks Left Until Election Day

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As divisive as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made the presidential campaign, here's a promise he made to voters in Florida Tuesday: "I'm going to fight to bring us all together as Americans. We are a divided nation. We are divided in so many different ways. We are going to come together. Finally, we are going to come together again."

Trump is now expressing confidence he will be the winner.

Democrat Hillary Clinton is also expressing confidence. She was also in Florida Tuesday and had this to say to voters: "I feel good, but boy, I'm not taking anything for granted. I'm going to work as hard as I can between now and the close of the election two weeks from today."

With just two weeks left in the race, we check in once again with our regular election analysts, Republican Todd Domke and Democrat Dan Payne.

This article was originally published on October 26, 2016.

This segment aired on October 26, 2016.


Headshot of Dan Payne

Dan Payne Democratic Political Analyst
Dan Payne is a Democratic political analyst for WBUR.


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Todd Domke Republican Political Analyst
Todd Domke is a Republican political analyst for WBUR.



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