Feeling Stressed? Stream This Playlist Of Mellow Music By Local Artists

Restaurants, venues, theaters, music festivals and more have all closed their doors due to COVID-19. The aftershocks of closures have hit musicians and performers particularly hard as gigs and tours are canceled. "These freelance workers face potentially months of little or no employment, and are among the arts sector's most vulnerable workers," writes ARTery reporter Amelia Mason.

Some musicians are turning to live streaming as an option to reach eager fans. The Dropkick Murphys rented out an empty venue to play live for listeners last night via major streaming platforms. It's a great idea, but for many local musicians, it's not the most viable of options.

One way you can stand in solidarity with musicians in your area is to simply stream their music. (Unfortunately, streaming doesn't offer artists nominal monetary payoffs. If you're in a position to do so, consider donating the money you would have spent on a concert ticket to the artist.)

In times like these, you're going to need a good playlist to listen to. In honor of the rather mellow mood of the season — social distancing, the weather changing, Daylight Saving Time (still) — we put together this playlist of relaxed and contemplative songs crafted by Greater Boston musicians across genres.

Looking for a different mood? Stay tuned for a new playlist next week.

Arielle Gray Reporter
Arielle Gray is a reporter for WBUR.



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