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Tell Us: How Has The Coronavirus Changed Your Work Or Financial Life?

This article is more than 2 years old.

My/As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers: the number of people who’ve gotten sick, the number of points the stock market has dropped, the number of people who’ve filed for unemployment. But behind each of those data points is a person whose economic life has been turned upside down. And to make sure we don't miss those human stories, we're asking for your help.

We're collecting answers to this basic question: How has the coronavirus crisis impacted your economic life?

Have you been laid off or has your savings have taken a hit? Have you had to shutter your business or has business suddenly taken off? Perhaps this moment has pushed you into a new line of work, or has you considering a big life change. In short, if the coronavirus crisis has made a major impact in your economic life, good or bad, we want to hear about it.

To share your story, fill out the form below. And if you want, leave your contact info so one of our reporters can get in touch for an interview, and maybe even share your story on the radio.

This segment aired on April 2, 2020.


Adrian Ma Twitter Reporter
Adrian Ma was a reporter for WBUR's Bostonomix team.



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