We Asked, You Answered: After Beheading Of Columbus Statue, Here's Who You Think Deserves A Statue

Thursday morning I saw a tweet suggesting Tennessee replace Confederate statues with statues of Dolly Parton.

This got me thinking. The Christopher Columbus statue in the North End was beheaded by parties unknown, and then later removed by the city earlier this week. Statues of Confederate generals, genocide leaders and slave owners are coming down all over the country. It's time for new statues.

So I asked:

As I write this, the tweet has 2,345 responses, which is way more than the 10 I thought I'd get.

An unscientific look into the replies shows some of the most popular answers are Crispus Attucks (a Black and Native American man and first casualty of the Boston Massacre):

Disco queen and Mission Hill native Donna Summer:

Celtics great Bill Russell (who does have a statue at City Hall):

African slave and America's first Black poet Phillis Wheatley (also has a statue, on the Commonwealth Mall) and community activists Mel King and Melnea Cass:

and Big Papi, aka David Ortiz.

(Also Eli Manning?? Guys.)

And here's a non-comprehensive list of other excellent — or entertaining — suggestions:

More about Elizabeth Freeman here.

Check out the replies to see even more. And feel free to respond with your thoughts.


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