Business Booms For Alcohol Delivery Service Drizly During The Pandemic

Alcohol delivery has surged during the coronavirus pandemic. (AP)
Alcohol delivery has surged during the coronavirus pandemic. (AP)
This article is more than 1 year old.

People looking to toast American independence with adult beverages this weekend can visit restaurants that have recently reopened or shop local package stores, which have remained open throughout the coronavirus pandemic. But another option has become very popular: alcohol delivery. And that's been a boon for Boston-based company Drizly.

Drizly has been growing for seven years, but it's never had a stretch like the past few months. The company says stay-at-home advisories drove sales up 400% in May. And while demand is starting to plateau, CEO Cory Rellas predicts buying habits are changing for good.

"You had a lot of folks who have had good experiences with other categories shopping online, who now experience alcohol and are very easy adopters," he said. "And they will probably remain 'sticky.' "

Benefitting from a pandemic is an uneasy feeling, Rellas acknowledged, and "we try to approach that with humility because there are such difficult times ongoing today."

Its surging revenue will help Drizly create jobs, Rellas said. He plans to add about 70 people to a team of 200 this year.

The company, which has raised almost $70 million of venture capital, according to Crunchbase, has "no fundraising news" for now, Rellas said. "We've been really focused on [operations], but with success on that side and really solving for the customers that we serve, I think that will come with it," he added.


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