9 Songs To Capture That Lovin' Feeling For Valentine's Day

Nine songs to capture the loving feeling of Valentine's Day, from Aaron Frazer to Sade. (Courtesy)
Nine songs to capture the loving feeling of Valentine's Day, from Aaron Frazer to Sade. (Courtesy)

Valentine’s Day is nearing and all I’ve had on my mind is finding music that makes me feel love. I made a playlist that I hope will help you get in touch with your emotions. The songs I included jump around to a few different genres, but they do have a common theme: love. When creating this playlist, I wanted the titles of the songs to fill in what love is to me, and what it might be for you.

If you’re looking for new music, hoping to be inspired, or if you want to dedicate a love song to your special person, take a listen through this sweet playlist that was made with so much love. And because I am a person who’s in love, this post may be a little extra sappy — oops! Happy Valentine’s Day!

'Love Is' by Aaron Frazer

“Love is, what you make it.”

Aaron Frazer’s voice makes me feel like I’m entering a blissful, sweet dream. The inspiration for this playlist came from listening to this song and coming to the realization that love looks and feels different to everybody. Love is one thing to me and another to you — they don’t have to be the same! Love is what you make it.

I first heard Frazer while he was singing background vocals at a Durand Jones & The Indications concert last year — a show I had gone to as a Valentine’s date. After listening to this tune, if you’re open to exploring more of his work, you should check out “Is It Any Wonder?

'So Much More' by Xavier Omär

“We had our phases and we’ve been through changes/ Hard to be patient, it was worth waiting.”

Xavier Omär is an R&B-soul artist who makes a lot of songs about being in love. His most recent album is titled ‘If You Feel’ which dropped in October 0f 2020. His vocals are smooth and his collaborations with other artists have been very complimentary. (You’ll see more on that below.)

Growing with someone is never easy, as Omär’s lyrics suggest, and exposing your truths and your vulnerabilities can be difficult. But after unearthing roots of problems and opening up — it’s truly worth it.

'Sweet & Dandy' by Tash Sultana

“Bet you didn’t know that I could love you the way I do.”

Tash Sultana’s music makes me wish I knew how to play guitar — their talent is incredible and undeniable. The song reminds me of the beginning of an exciting summer adventure or road trip. Sultana mentions sunshine passing through the clouds and flowers growing in this pretty tune. Love is unexpected sometimes, and for me, it’s always been hard to fathom that someone can just love me for who I am. I had no idea what was in store for me when someone came around loving me in ways I never imagined possible.

'Easy' by Anna Wise & Xavier Omär

“And I thank the universe for this gift/ You and me.”

An example of a tasteful collaboration, Xavier Omär and Anna Wise truly work well together. This song was one I discovered while watching “Insecure” and it was so good, I had to Shazam it. The song reminds me of the gratitude that comes with love and I thank the universe for all the love I’ve been surrounded by.

'Beautiful Escape' by Tom Misch

“I just want a beautiful escape/ I just wanna move ya/ Show you that this love is yours to take.”

This song is so groovy and one that I sing at the top of my lungs on a feel-good day. Misch sings about going somewhere where he feels like he doesn’t have to hide and a place where he leaves behind all the fears that make us feel inadequate. Love is supposed to be a beautiful escape, a sanctuary, and the one place where you are your most authentic self and where you can give someone “all the lovin’ that you hold inside.”

'Brand New' by Mac Ayres

“I guess I’m starting brand new.”

This one is for all the new lovers out there — sometimes a brand new start is exactly what we need. Mac Ayres starts this song off with a slow piano introduction and captures a reflective mood with his soft singing. This song is one you can picture yourself in the audience at a concert with a lighter lit and lifted, swaying and snapping.

'The Sweetest Taboo' by Sade

“Will you keep on loving me?/ If I tell you/ If I tell you how I feel.”

I’ve oftentimes feared that telling someone all my stories and thoughts would scare them away. This song really captures the fear of that vulnerability. The right person will definitely love you even after you tell them what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours, though. Sade might just inspire you to tell that person how you feel.

'Youforia' by Mac Miller

“Now when you lay in my arms, the pain goes away. Youforia.”

Euphoria:(n) A feeling of state of intense excitement and happiness. YOUforia: An intense feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness that comes from a special person. When I feel pain, I always run to my person. Laying there, even in silence, is enough for the pain to leave my body, and Mac Miller’s song captures this emotion so well.

'Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)' by Kid Cudi

“I once used to dream of peace until I found you.”

While Kid Cudi is constantly working on new projects, I went back to 2009 for this gem. As evidenced above, I’m a sucker for a play on words and this song is catchy and upbeat, and just might get stuck in your head all day. Cudi concludes the song with some sing-talking: “Our hero becomes trapped in his own peaceful place, which immediately becomes his sanctuary.” Wishing for you to find your peaceful place, wherever that may be, whether it’s a day spent alone or with a loved one.

Here's the full playlist for your enjoyment:


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