MBTA prepping for Green Line shutdowns

Passengers on the platform of Kenmore Station wait for a MBTA Green Line trolley. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
Passengers on the platform of Kenmore Station wait for a MBTA Green Line trolley. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

A 12-day shutdown on the Green Line's B branch begins Monday, kicking off a series of MBTA maintenance projects this summer and fall that will take each of the four Green Line branches offline for extended periods of time.

The T will halt above-ground trolley service from the B Line's endpoint at Boston College all the way to Kenmore, where riders will still be able to access downtown-bound trains, from Monday, June 20, through Friday, July 1. Shuttle buses will replace trips along the route at all stops except Warren Street, Allston Street and Packard's Corner.

During that time, crews plan to replace 3,000 feet of track, replace segments of special trackwork, and upgrade the Fordham Road pedestrian crossing and the Linden Street intersection. MBTA officials said the shutdown will accomplish work that would have taken six months of weekend-only closures.

Workers will also install equipment for the Green Line Train Protection System, an automated anti-collision technology. Federal officials first recommended more than a decade ago that the agency deploy that system on the Green Line, but the MBTA still has not completed the project. T leaders moved the timeline up by a year last summer after a crash on the B branch that injured more than two dozen people, and now expect the protection system to be online by 2023.

The MBTA, which faces new orders from the Federal Transit Administration to make immediate changes to address glaring safety issues, also plans to halt train service and run shuttle buses instead on the above-ground segments of the three other Green Line branches.

The C branch will go offline from July 11 to July 22; the E branch will close from Copley to Heath Street between Aug. 6 and Aug. 21; and the D Branch will shutter for three different nine-day bursts: Sept. 24 to Oct. 2, Oct. 8 to Oct. 16, and Oct. 22 to Oct. 30.



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