Boston City Council president strips Arroyo of leadership positions

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Boston City Council President Ed Flynn has stripped Councilor Ricardo Arroyo of his leadership of two committees — and his position as council vice chair.

Arroyo, who is running for Suffolk County District Attorney, is facing questions after two sexual assault investigations from more than a decade ago re-surfaced last week.

The investigations into Arroyo never led to charges. But several high-profile allies quickly pulled their endorsements of Arroyo, including Flynn.

On Monday, Flynn filed a letter with the city clerk stating it's in the "best interest" of the council to strip Arroyo of his leadership roles.

Arroyo responded with a statement, arguing the removals have "no grounds" and would impact his work on the redistricting committee.

Arroyo denies the allegations and accuses interim District Attorney Kevin Hayden, or one of his campaign supporters, of leaking the files for political benefit.

Hayden says his office did not leak the documents.

Arroyo's loss of council responsibilities is the latest development in a DA's race that's been rocked by controversy in the past several weeks. The old allegations against Arroyo follow accusations Hayden tried spike a police misconduct case involving an officer who donated to his campaign.

Flynn said he would re-assess committee assignments in 60 days.


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