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From Easter to Passover to Ramadan, here are some recipes for your spring holiday table

Upside-down date and orange cake. (Kathy Gunst/Here & Now)
Upside-down date and orange cake. (Kathy Gunst/Here & Now)

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We’re in the midst of a unique holiday season. Passover runs from April 5-13, Ramadan goes through April 21 and Easter is tomorrow. So, the chances you (or someone you know) hosted or plans to host a holiday meal this week are incredibly likely.

Even if you already held your Passover seder or have your Easter brunch menu planned, a good recipe can always be saved for years to come (or even for dinner later this week.)

With that in mind, here are some sweet, savory and seasonal recipes you’ll want to whip up tonight or jot down for next year — as well as a little food for thought about our culinary traditions:

The latest collection of spring recipes from Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst features a flavorful Middle Eastern matzah fattoush salad that is perfect for Passover, as well as a springy asparagus side that works for almost any holiday.

  • Can’t forget dessert: Have you tried your matzah with chocolate, pistachios and sea salt? What about a scrumptious meringue cake with whipped cream and strawberries? If not, you’ll want to bookmark these three yeast-free recipes to close out your next Passover seder with a little sweetness.

Once sundown arrives, many Muslims traditionally break their fasts with a date. The sticky, sweet and nutrient-packed fruits are often present by the boxful in Muslim homes during the month of Ramadan. Here are three ways to incorporate those extra dates into different desserts to enjoy at iftar.

Prepping for Easter? Why not incorporate some zesty spring flavors into your brunch? Check out these three seasonal dishes created by Gunst, including a recipe for light, fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes that are sure to brighten up your table. She also has an even sweeter new treat for the holiday table: A moist carrot, coconut and pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting.

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