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Red Scare?

Usually, it's the other way around. However, China's unusually poor performance in the recent Swimming World Championships has aroused suspicions. John Leonard, the Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association is worried that the Chinese swim team could be withholding as many as 50 of its best swimmers from international competition and training them in drug testing-free seclusion. Leonard and many in the competitive swimming community fear that China plans to unleash these chemically, perhaps even genetically, enhanced athletes on the swimming world on the eve of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Bill delves further into this story.

Cardinal Sunrise

There are two rock solid certainties every fall in the southwest: The Arizona Cardinals will be among the worst teams in the NFL and most local football fans won't care enough to watch the team's annual free fall to oblivion. Could this be that the most maligned franchise in NFL history become finally relevant in its home state? Arizona Public Radio's Mitch Teich has our story.

Dog Paddling

We now know there are at least 428 people that cannot swim as fast as a dog named Jake.

Gay Games Vs. Outgames

Almost exactly one year from now, Montreal's Olympic Stadium will host the closing ceremonies for the first World Outgames. The organizers of the Outgames plan to host the largest sporting event in the world, populated predominantly, but not exclusively, by gay and lesbian athletes, regardless of ability. Two weeks earlier, Chicago will host the 7th Gay event that has almost exactly the same mission. Only A Game's Karen Given has the story.

Junior Dragsters

More than speed demons between the ages of 8 and 17 roared onto a track near Denver for last weekend's National Hot Rod Association Junior Drag Racing League Western Conference Finals. There, kids with a penchant for speed beyond what the family minivan can provide competed for prize money and glory. Nancy Greenleese reports.

Hot Free Agent Markets and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and "Only A Game" analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Rafael Palmeiro's public steroid shame spiral, The NHL and NBA free agent frenzy, and sweet stroke of "Our Dear Leader."

Inside the Cage

In his new book "Inside the Cage: A Season at West 4th Street's Legendary Tournament", Wight Martindale Jr. makes a case for summer as the best time for appreciating basketball in its purest form.

This program aired on August 6, 2005.

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