The Brushback Report

Some of the entries in The Brushback Report feel as if they have sprung from my own wish-fulfillment fantasies: "NFL Collapses After Nation Suddenly Gets Its Priorities Straight," for example, and "Red Sox Players Tell Bostonians to Get a Life."

Neither of these things will happen, of course, and neither will any of the other fictional events Dave Saraiva has chronicled in his new book. But just imagining that Lebron James has purchased the Cleveland Cavaliers and traded himself to the Lakers is kind of fun, isn't it?

Unencumbered by facts or logic, Saraiva has had a great time making up a lot of stories that will make readers laugh and some that will occasion the odd thoughtful pause. Consider "Black NASCAR Driver Pulled Over During Race," and "Chain-Smoking Alcoholic Little League Coach Not So Funny in Real Life."

I don't mean to suggest that the headlines attached to Saraiva's "articles" are the only funny things about them. The writing throughout The Brushback Report is at worst funny in a sophomoric, Animal House way, and at best clever on various other levels. Some of the entries are also pretty blue, meaning that this is probably not the sports book to give your little leaguer.

This program aired on August 24, 2006. The audio for this program is not available.

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