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The Super Bowl of Birding

Only A Game dispatched reporter Michelle Seaton to cover Super Bowl weekend this year. She has followed a group of fierce competitors determined to bring back the hardware, the cash and the glory.

The Brocket?

Yes, yes Roger Clemens is part of what could be one of the biggest comebacks in Major league Baseball history but hardly compares to what could have been if he only took the Brockton Rox' offer when he cane out of retirement in May. Bill talked with Rox President Jim Lucas about his offer for "the Rocket" just before the dream died.

Competitive Eating

For some reason, there are those who seek to turn any harmless and enjoyable activity into a competitive one. . And now, there's competitive eating. Only A Game's Gabe O'Connor has this report.

Migrant Soccer in Michigan

Adults and Children. Mexicans and Americans. The world's most popular sport certainly isn't the obvious choice for fans in northern Michigan, but because of a Traverse City soccer league, Futbol has made its mark.


Bill ponders all the amazing things that could happen while we're on vacation but won't matter because...we're on vacation!

Tonya and Nancy: The Opera

The master's thesis project of a Tufts University student doesn't get a lot of press. But, when concerned the misadventures of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, it attracted the attention of lovers of the absurd.

Lumber in Slumber No More

Hawaiians of Polynesian decent have revived a fading tradition of canoe-building and sailing in the Pacific Ocean. Only A Game's Jesse Hardman reports from Hawaii.

This program aired on September 30, 2006.

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