22 Years In The Making

This article is more than 12 years old.

The Celtics' recent victory brought the long awaited NBA Championship title back to Boston after 22 long years. Bill Littlefield looks fondly at the series that returned the magic to the city, and welcomes the return of that feeling that was so familiar all those years ago.

It’s a sight for sore eyes and a long time no see,
But the Celtics have won. Things are as they should be.
Or they are here in Boston, because, since the Pats
Got surprised by the Giants, it’s been…ah, well, that’s
Water under the bridge, pal, so mud in your eye…
We’re once again champs. It was easy as pie. Or it surely looked easy when Kobe cooled down,
And the rest of the Lakers went looking around
For an option to go to with Kobe shut out
And their faces were filled with confusion and doubt,
While the Celtics discovered that they’d found the range
And the shots at their end started falling. It’s strange
How, when two teams so strong and successful can meet,
That the one can turn sour, the other so sweet. But I’ve pondered enough, and enough with the thinking,
Or so thought the clowns who’d been happily drinking
While watching the game. When the Celtics had won
They all saw their duty, and when it was done There was glass in the streets and some cars had been broken.
I guess it’s a law that’s been mostly unspoken:
When your team has won, even if it’s untested,
If you’re a real fan, well, then you get arrested. I’m kidding. Most fans didn’t turn over cars.
Even those who’d been watching the Celtics in bars
Were too busy remembering glorious days
When such worthies as Bird and McHale made the plays
That brought titles to Boston, where Auerbach had built
Several teams around Russell that overcame Wilt…
I could go on for lines about Cousy and Jones,
Also Parish and Havlicek, Johnson and Jones…
That was not a mistake. See, my friend, there’s a catch.
There were two guys named Jones, and another named Satch…
But the point is, it’s fun to be here when a team
Has refreshed what had been a somewhat faded dream. So thanks, Danny Ainge, for acquiring the players
Who turned things around and shut up the nay sayers.
Thanks, Doc, and thanks, Paul, thanks to Kevin and Ray
And to Brown, unretired, and eager to play,
And to Rondo as well, short and slender, but bold,
And I guess thanks to Kobe, for getting so cold
When it mattered the most, and the Celtics got hot,
And a game that had briefly been close then was not…
But no matter the score. There is no need to mention
The game lacked the spice of a contest with tension.
It’s over. The season with such a long run
Is complete, and once more, it’s the Celtics who’ve won.

This program aired on June 19, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.

Bill Littlefield Twitter Host, Only A Game
Bill Littlefield was the host of Only A Game from 1993 until 2018.