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"Where To Now, St. Peter?" by Elton John (from Tumbleweed Connection, Island, 2006)

To whom to turn regarding music for the NCAA men's basketball tournament? The Rocket Man, of course…and I don’t mean Roger Clemens. Red by Sammy Hagar (from Essential Red Collection, Hip-o Records, 2004)

I'm a democratic kind of guy, and I love to see all my colleagues take part in song selection (except Bill, because one can only take so much hammered dulcimer music) and bask in the well-deserved glory. So hats off to John Perotti, who doubles as bass player in the Whitesnake cover band, Lovehunter for coming up with another metallic masterpiece.

I Can't Forget Ya' Campanella by Dennis Massa from:

I went back and forth on this one, because I'm not a fan of sentiment. I really try to avoid "endless waves of foaming sentiment"*, so this was a really tough choice. But if the fans of a particular team deserve a pass, it would be those of the old Brooklyn Dodgers. So, ok. Here you go.
* Courtesy of Charles the Poet, from the poem Memory, from his dusty, tattered manuscript.

We're in the Money (The Gold Digger's Song) by Pee Wee Russell (from We're in the Money, Black Lion, 1989)

And, really, aren't we all these days?

Sugar 'N Spikes by Captain Beefheart (from The Dust Blows Forward, Rhino, 1999)

Wowzers, his band was good. RIP, Don van Vliet.

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