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Music from Only A Game
Music from Only A Game

Losing Streak by the Amazing Crowns (from Royal, Time Bomb, 2000)

Baubles, Bangle and Beads by Peggy Lee (from The Very Best of Peggy Lee, Burning Fire, 2008)

OK, so if Marc Cuban doesn’t want to buy championship rings for his team, what about Dallas Mavericks 2001 Championship anklets? WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

Get on a Raft With Taft by Oscar Brand (from Presidential Campaign Songs 1789-1996, Folkways, 1999)

Well, it's no Fleetwood Mac, but it'll have to do.
Judging from the SI picture, Mr. Taft WAS the raft. Yeesh.

Little League by Ray Stevens (from Classic Ray Stevens, Curb, 1993)

Has a musical performer ever done more with less then Ray Stevens has? OK, maybe Olivia Newton John or Leif Garrett. Point taken.

Stan the Man (St. Louis Stan) by Dennis Massa (from Diamond Cuts, Vol. IX, Hungry for Music, 2006)

I was tempted to use a real recording of Stan Musial playing Take Me Out to the Ball Game on harmonica. But we have accordion in this week’s show (see Annie Oakley below or, better yet, listen to it), and one schlocky instrument per week is enough.

Annie Oakley by Gail Davis (from The Cowboy Album, Rhino/WEA, 1992)

Great stuff here. A certain relative of mine (let's just say he's male) calls a certain other relative of mine (let's just say she's female) "Calamity Jane". He says it with great relish.

This segment aired on June 17, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

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