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Music from Only A Game
Music from Only A Game

1999 BY Prince (from The Hits/The B Sides, WB/Paisley Park, 1993)
This is by Prince. Not The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, nor The Artist Once Again Known as Prince, nor The Artist Currently Considering Changing His Nom de Plume to Smedley Weehawken Euripides Wonderful Terrific Sine Wave von Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän. It's just "Prince".

Daddy's Little Girl by the Mills Brothers (from 22 great Hits, Ranwood Records, 1991)
Waterworks, every time, I tell you. Every time.

Some Kind of a Swinger by Ann Magnuson (from The Luv Show, Geffen, 1995)
Waterworks, every time, I tell you. Well, maybe not every time.

Spirit of the Buffalo by Ted Nugent (from Love Grenade, Eagle Rock, 2008)
Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Nuge! Methinks you owe some royalty money (or at least a few Terrible Ted-guided buffalo hunts) to the members of the late, lamented Cave Dogs. Here's a link to their Soul Martini CD, which includes the song, Love Grenade:

I'm Gonna Be by The Proclaimers (from Sunshine on Leith, Chrysalis, 1988)

There are so few things for which I would walk 500 miles. Here are but a few:
1) Bruins Stanley Cup win (whoops! I can finally take that off the list!)
2) A secluded trout stream
3) Good kosher pizza

But 5000 miles? Hmmmmm:
1) World peace
2) Cancer cure
3) World peace

Sand Castles by Elvis Presley (from Paradise, Hawaiian Style, RCA, 1966)
I'm sure Elvis never made it to Revere Beach. If he had, maybe there would have been a film called "Paradise, Revere Style". Which is silly, if you've ever been to Revere.

This segment aired on July 16, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

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