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Eternity Part 1 by Yoga (from Music for Harmony and Balance, The John Perotti Personal Collection of Music for Kick-Hind Quarters Yoga Poses)

This is music to which to do the Beached Whale, the Angry Chicken and the Cow-Face Posture. Just ask Perotti.

Actually, I have no idea what this music really is. Grooveshark lists the band name as "Yoga", but I have my doubts. If any Yogistas can clear this up, we'd appreciate it. And stay tuned for Doug Tribou's upcoming story on "Broga", Yoga for bro's.

Wonder Girl by Sparks (from Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection, Rhino, 1991)

I know two people whose musical opinions I respect who think Sparks are just top-notch. One is my wife. The other is the greatest rock songwriter of all time, Robert Pollard.

But I gotta say I disagree…

Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf (from Steppenwolf: All Time Greatest Hits, MCA, 1999)

You'd be right to point out that this song is way overused. But consider the context in which we use it: the story of the world's longest motorcycle, which seats 25 people and requires a roadway six times wider than normal to accommodate turns.

"Fire all your guns at once", indeed!

Settle the Score by Doug Berlent (from Golf's Greatest Hits 1, Media Right Music, 1998)

Finally, a songwriter who's not afraid to tell the truth: that golfers are the biggest, meanest, most short-tempered athletes in all of scary sportsdom. No wonder Tiger felt he needed to get ripped. And just what did happen to his knee, exactly?

Corner Store by Jonathan Richman (from Jonathan Goes Country, Rounder, 1992)

Is there anything Jonathan can't do? Please tell me if you know of something, because I'm sure he is the da Vinci of our era, and he has even greater things ahead of him.

This segment aired on August 6, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
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