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UNC Charlotte Fight Song (from YouTube)

Sorry, a lame MP3 is all I could find…for now. I'm sure Queen City songwriters will be submitting dozens, nay, scores of prospective UNC Charlotte fight songs and alma maters now that we know there will be a football program there.

Party Shaker by Wolfgang Kaltenbach (from Music for TV Dinners: the '60s, Scamp, 1997)

Just when we thought that every quirky, interesting scrap of music ever devised would come out in one kitschy compilation or another, the darned economy goes and sinks the music industry. Which means, of course, that the good stuff is the first to go. Now all we get is Madonna Anthologies and Josh Groban Christmas records. Ick…

Star Wars by Neil Norman and His Cosmic Orchestra (from X-Files, Babylon 5, Star Wars, GNP Crescendo, 2010)

Your cushy little run is over, John Williams. Meet the new master of the Star Wars theme.

La Mano De Dios by Lola Beltran (from Los Grandes de la Musica Ranchera, RCA, 1992)

Senora Beltran is fiery, no?
And why is it "la" mano, rather than "el" mano? Can anyone 'splain that to me?

This segment aired on August 13, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

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