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Detour by Dean Martin (from Houston, HIP-O, 2009)

This ditty is not quiet my bag, baby. But I don't wanna come across as an 18 karat bunter, so I'll say that this is just a platinum gas.

Baja by The Astronauts (from Hard Rock Café Surf, Rhino, 1998)

It's so cool when a sport is celebrated in song. It's especially cool when the sport and its attendant soundtrack become hugely popular, as it did with surfing and surf music. Can any melding of sports and music ever be as far- reaching and interesting as it was during the surfing craze of the '60's? Can niche songwriters create mega hits by writing songs about golf, tennis, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, croquet, lawn darts or Irish hurling? I'd like to think so…

Genesis Part 1 by Yoga (from Music for Harmony and Balance, Foreign Media Group, 2006)

Again, OAG Technical Director John Perotti nails the genre with this dreamy beauty. I think this is really his band, but he's not 'fessing up to it at this point.

This segment aired on August 20, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

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