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Mr. Touchdown U.S.A. by The University of Michigan Band (from 41 Great College Victory Songs, Vanguard, 1987)

I look him up in the phonebook. Couldn't find him. Maybe he thinks there's still an NFL lockout.

International Vaudeville by the Merle Evans Circus Band (from Circus Music from the Big Top, Legacy International, 2009)

Is there any use for a circus band outside the big top? Do they play weddings and bar mitzvahs when the circus is out of town? Do they play Carribean Tuesdays at the Tick Tock Lounge, or happy hour at Mermaids 'n' Mermen?

40 Years by The Phoenix Foundation (from Happy Ending, Indie Europe/Zoom, 2009)

This sounds like the soundtrack of a mid-'80's industrial film. Or to one of my nightmares.

Gravy by Dee Dee Sharp (from It's Mashed Potato Time, Cameo, 1962)

Wasn't Dee Dee Sharp also a member of Jonathan Richman's Modern Lovers? Oh, wait, that was Dee Sharp. One "Dee".

First There is a Mountain by Donovan (from The Essential Donovan, Sony, 2004)

First he is a folky, then he is the leading practitioner of what Charlie Pierce refers to as "weenie rock".

Over the Cliff by Old 97's (from Wreck Your Life, Bloodshot Records, 1996)

We couldn’t find a song called "Over the Modern Art Museum".
This one's for you, OAG Technical Director Emeritus Tad Curry, wherever you are!

This segment aired on September 3, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

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