Ode To Boston Baseball

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Red Sox fans cheer from nearly empty stands at Fenway Park on Thursday as the Rays beat the Sox 9-2. (AP)
Red Sox fans cheer from nearly empty stands at Fenway Park on Thursday. The cheers turned to tears as the Rays beat Boston 9-2. (AP)

In Boston there is trembling and it's safe to say there's fear.
The Red Sox, once October-bound, seem poised to disappear.
But those who find this hideous have failed to understand:
Our teams can flat amaze us in two ways, and ain't it grand?

Oh, they can hit the long homerun that wins the crucial game,
Or sink the buzzer-beating shot that brings about the same
Result. Or they can benefit from some official's call…
My point? By those exciting plays or lucky breaks, we're all

Afforded such excitement that we realize anew
Why all these games engage us as these games so often do.
But, hey, the point is entertainment. What the games provide
Is colorful diversion on the quiet, desperate ride

Through daily irritations: bills, commuting, broken stuff…
The droning politicians who can make us cry,"Enough!"
And who'd deny that failure can be entertaining, too?
The shot that hits the post: perhaps it's sad, but also true

That we will talk of "almost this" and "what if that?" as well…
These sagas built on failure, rich as any we can tell.
So see the possibilities in each potential crash:
The stories in the falling off? More likely gold than trash.
For you're not thinking leaking roof, or tires that are shot;
If you are sinking with a team, that's all the grief you've got.

This segment aired on September 17, 2011.

Bill Littlefield Host, Only A Game
Bill Littlefield was the host of Only A Game from 1993 until 2018.



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