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The Tailgate Song by Nathan Osmond (from
What would the NFL be without those "straight-laced accountants"? Who would light up the charcoal and ice down the longnecks and act like a fool with a bunch of crazy rednecks? No one else, I reckon.

She Taught Me How to Yodel by Frank Ifield (from Complete A Sides and B Sides, EMD International, 2005)
Ifield is described on the web as an "Australian-English easy listening and country music singer". Man, what a sellout…everyone's doing that these days.

Go, New York, Go! by New York Knicks (from Home Court Hits, Madacy, 1998)
I think every North American pro sports team should have a rap song, including the Columbus Blue Jackets, Sacramento Kings, Indianapolis Colts and Florida…er…Miami Marlins. Because the transformative power of rap can turn each of these sad sacks into winners.

Apricot Brandy by Rhinoceros (from Rhinoceros, Collector's Choice, 2002)
I find it very hard to believe that a band featuring an original member of Iron Butterfly could possibly fail to garner universal critical approval and widespread fame.
But somehow Rhinoceros failed in these regards.

This segment aired on November 26, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
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