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Music On Only A GameWhat Would You Wish from the Golden Fish by The Deep Six (from Deep Six, Rev-Ola, 1966) I would wish that we never again see a spate of bad band names, such as the world saw in the mid to late '60's. To wit: The Deep Six, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Chocolate Watch Band, The Electric Prunes, The Lollipop Shoppe. But I do have to admit that I like The Vanilla Trainwreck…

Ping Pong by Belmond and Parker (from Ping Pong EP, Splashtunes, 2009)

An entire EP of Ping Pong tunes from a French New Wave band? C'est magnifique!

 Soccer Ball by Parry Gripp (from Zamboni, Cool CDs, 2008)

Mr. Gripp has become a go-to artist for us, and he may soon be a candidate for Only A Game's Music Hall of Fame, along with The Zambonis, Jack Beaver, Jonathan Richman and, of course, The Deep Six.

Neck Bones & Hot Sauce by L. Anderson and the Tarnadoes (from I Love Bar-B-Q, Rhino, 1999)

Let's hope RG III's neck bones remain intact long enough for Washington to enjoy a little postseason hot sauce.

Bill Veeck the Baseball Man by Hit and Run All-Stars with Melinda Root (from Diamond Cuts: Grand Slam, Hungry for Music, 2000)

Bill Veeck was certainly a baseball man. But did he invent the wrap sandwich, build his own restaurants, was he ever a municipal Director of Safety and could he levitate and read minds and spread world peace like another baseball man with the initials "BV"? I say no! But did Veeck ever keep Clay Bucholz in the game even as he surrendered five home runs? Also, no.



This segment aired on April 28, 2012. The audio for this segment is not available.

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