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Cape Verde Blues by David Widelock (from The Trouble with Fribbles, BEEGUM, 2004)

Man, I don't think there could possibly be a trouble with Fribbles. They're cold, creamy and delicious. I used to get them after Little League games. Good times! No trouble at all!

Cherry, Cherry by Neil Diamond (from Neil Diamond-The Greatest Hits 1966-1992, Sony, 1992)

Sweet Caroline has run its course. Isn’t it time for a new Neil Diamond song at Fenway Park? I wouldn't nominate Cherry, Cherry as a replacement, but how about I Am I Said, Porcupine Pie, Shilo or The Pot Smoker's Song?

Kansas City by Wilbert Harrison (from Kansas City: His Legendary Golden Classics, Collectibles, 1994)

I hate it when old rhythm and blues singers rip off The Beatles or, for that matter, The Rolling Stones.

Lightning in a Bottle by Dirty Jenny (from American Bulldog, Medallion Music, 2011)

If that's the weekend forecast, then I like it.

Tour de France by Stereo Total (from Baby Ouh!, Kill Rock Stars, 2010)

It's nice to hear such loving renditions of Kraftwerk songs. Heartwarming, really, just like Kraftwerk is.

Struggle Blues by Woody Guthrie (from Struggle, Smithsonian Folkways, 1990)

"Struggle, struggle, struggle. I'm Woody Guthrie and I like to struggle. And I'm gwonna sing about it, too!"

Happy 100th Birthday, Mr. Woody Struggleguthrie!

This segment aired on July 14, 2012. The audio for this segment is not available.

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