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No deer antler spray — or any other performance enhancing drugs — were used in the production of Only A Game. (Flickr)
No deer antler spray — or any other performance enhancing drugs — were used in the production of Only A Game. (Flickr)

Recent references – more plentiful than most of us ever thought likely – to deer antler spray as a marvelously goofy (if not efficacious) performance enhancing drug apparently aroused suspicion in some quarters. Even before I spoke two weeks ago with David Epstein of Sports Illustrated, on the Only A Game Facebook page, Andy Vinciquerra posted as follows:

"I hope that Bill, Doug, and the rest of the crew have been taking deer antler extract supplements and putting strategically placed stickers on themselves in preparation for this weekend's show. I'm expecting big things before the big game."

Let me assure you, Andy, that you can't blame Super Bowl Haiku on deer antler spray or holographic stickers. We produced our first Super Bowl Haiku segment well before we know of such wonders... no matter that it may seem otherwise.

Our story about the $100 million dollar grant Harvard University has received to study injuries suffered by pro football players got Stephen Fenwick thinking about another game entirely. "Something to learn from rugby?" he asked on our website. He went on to explain, "In rugby union, you must use your arms to tackle. Shoulder charges are illegal - great rule."

The IOC's decision to drop wrestling from the 2020 Olympics provoked Paul Head to post on our Facebook page, "I'm just glad they kept the half-pipe, full-contact snowboard derby. That is one sport I am sure the ancient Greeks participated in. Once again, it all comes down to greed and money."

Doug Chapman sees in the IOC's decision an opportunity for the WWE; his Facebook post reads, "What odds now that Vince McMahon starts his own Olympic wrestling tournament?"

During my conversation with Charlie Pierce on the show several weeks ago, Charlie commented on a dubious injury timeout taken by Victoria Azarenka during the Australian Open, saying it was the sort of thing that leads some people to disparage pro tennis in general and women's pro tennis in particular. Several listeners begged to differ. Among the more articulate was Peter R. Jump of Charlottesville, Va.

In an email, Mr. Jump praised the players on the pro tennis tour for their graciousness as well as their talent and wrote, "Charlie, let's not let the behavior of one or two entitled spoilsports tarnish the achievements of the many athletes working their socks off to entertain and enthrall us year round."

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This segment aired on February 16, 2013.

Bill Littlefield Host, Only A Game
Bill Littlefield was the host of Only A Game from 1993 until 2018.



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