Seeing Home: Baseball Broadcaster Ed Lucas Defies The Odds

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Friendships between writers and ballplayers aren't common, but in baseball broadcaster Ed Lucas, players saw someone who had struggled as hard as they had — if not harder — to get to where he was.

"They were supporting me all the way ... in baseball and being a reporter. They respected me, at that time, as a reporter and gave me private interviews ...  I can tell all the stories about Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto, Mickey Mantle, George Steinbrenner — good stories.  I don't try to knock anybody."

Ed has been completely blind since October 3, 1951. He lost his sight after taking a line drive to the head on the same day his beloved New York Giants won the pennant.

"Baseball took my sight, but it also gave me a life," Lucas says.

Ed Lucas and his son, Chris, have collaborated on the book, "Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story."

Ed and Chris Lucas tell their story, In Their Own WordsTo hear the full story, click the play button below the headline at the top of the page.

This segment aired on April 23, 2016.


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