Savannah Bananas, Sportswriting Dreams, Ken 'Hawk' Harrelson

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The Savannah Bananas aren't your average baseball team. (Courtesy Jesse Cole)
The Savannah Bananas aren't your average baseball team. (Courtesy Jesse Cole)

Baseball wasn't big in Savannah, Georgia. Until the Bananas came to town. This week on Only A Game, the Savannah Bananas owners share the tumultuous origin story of baseball's wackiest team. Plus, Wanda Fischer wanted to be a sportswriter. Until a Big Leaguer suggested otherwise. And Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson looks back on seven decades of baseball. Join us!

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From A Dingy Duplex To Dancing Baseball Players: The Birth Of The Savannah Bananas

Jesse and Emily Cole were determined to bring baseball and excitement to Savannah, Georgia. Even if it meant selling their own house.

3 Stories: LeBron And Trump, NFL Hall Of Fame Speeches, Browns QB RV

SB Nation's Tyler Tynes and ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. join Nora Princiotti.

Giving Up On Sportswriting  — And Gaining A Lifelong Love Of Sports

Wanda Fischer dreamed of being a sports writer. Until a friendly conversation with a Major Leaguer made her reconsider.

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Nora and Charlie discuss the NCAA's new reforms, the pro-Urban Meyer demonstrations in Columbus, Ohio. And an Arena Football League team becomes the worst sports champion ever.

Ken 'The Hawk' Harrelson's Life In Baseball

Ken Harrelson thinks baseball isn't what it used to be. He should know. He's worked in the game for parts of seven decades.

This program aired on August 11, 2018.


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