Satchel Paige And A Religious Cult, Fritz Pollard, Basketball And NASA

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Satchel Paige in 1942. (Matty Zimmerman/AP)
Satchel Paige in 1942. (Matty Zimmerman/AP)

This week on Only A Game, a baseball fan investigates the day his father donned a House of David jersey and caught for the great Satchel Paige. Also, the story of Fritz Pollard, who is credited with being the first African American to play quarterback and coach in the pros. And how Marcie Washington brought lessons from her basketball career to her time as an engineer at NASA. Join us!

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Satchel Paige, The House Of David, And A Decades-Old Mystery
How did an amateur ballplayer end up subbing for a team from a religious cult and catching a game for Satchel Paige?

Fritz Pollard: The Small Running Back Who Broke Big Barriers
Just under 100 years ago, well under 1% of NFL players were African American. That figure now stands at approximately 70%. The path to that growth begins, in part, with Fritz Pollard.

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports
Karen and Charlie discuss the pressure to rename D.C.'s NFL team and Iceland's amazing soccer team logo reveal.

How NASA Engineer Marcie Washington Worked 'Basketball-Style'
Growing up, reporter Olivia Christian heard stories about her Auntie Marcie’s basketball greatness. Now, Olivia learns how her aunt's hoops career helped her at NASA.

This program aired on July 4, 2020.


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