Bob Cousy's Regrets, Devo And Chi Chi, Tacko Fall Learns To Swim And More

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Bob Cousy and Bill Russell celebrate their 1963 NBA title. (Ed Widdis/AP)
Bob Cousy and Bill Russell celebrate their 1963 NBA title. (Ed Widdis/AP)

Bob Cousy and Bill Russell won six NBA championships together on the Boston Celtics. This week on The Best of Only A Game, Cousy says he regrets not doing more for his teammate off the court. Also, why the rock band Devo wanted to put golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez on the cover of their first full-length album. Plus, a baseball card collector helps honor a former Major Leaguer and the NBA's Tacko Fall learns to swim. Join us!

'I Should Have Done More': Bob Cousy's Letter To Bill Russell

Bob Cousy and Bill Russell were close on the basketball court. Bob Cousy regrets not being closer to Russell off of it.

The Devo De-Evolution Of Golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez

You might remember Devo for their 1980 hit "Whip It" … and for wearing yellow hazmat suits on stage. This is the story of how an equally colorful golfer ended up becoming a kind of mascot for the band.

Avid Baseball Card Collector Helps Family Remember A Former Major Leaguer

Matthew Christian owns a baseball card collection with over 50,000 cards in it. But, in 2018, he focused on collecting cards of the late Ryan Freel to pass on to Ryan's three daughters.

Learning To Swim With 7-Foot-5 Celtic Tacko Fall

Tacko Fall grew up on the ocean in Dakar, Senegal. Unlike his friends, he never learned to swim. But now with the Celtics, Tacko Fall is getting in the pool.

This program aired on September 5, 2020.


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