The Uncomfortable Question of Anti-Semitism

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Author Jonathan Rosen never lived through the Holocaust. His mother was born in America, so half of his family was never even threatened with the possibility of internment in concentration camps. He says he has always viewed America as a land of endless potential, and he did his best to live his life accordingly. But Rosen says his awareness of anti-semitism has become more acute since September 11th. From a prominent Egyptian imam Sheik Muhammad Gemeaha saying that "only the Jews" could have destroyed the World Trade Center, to some pundits who have linked the attacks with the U.S.'s support of Israel, Rosen says Jews have once again been unwillingly placed into the center of war. This hour, the post-attack face of anti-semitism.


Jonathan Rosen, author of several books, including "The Talmud and the Internet"

This program aired on November 7, 2001.


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