Transitional Justice

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Northern Alliance forces have reportedly captured the eastern city of Jalalabad and have taken the airport in the Taliban stronghold city of Kandahar. Afghans have been loudly celebrating the Taliban's retreat in the streets. But if the Taliban is completely removed from power, Afghanistan will enter a critical period of transition. With such political and social upheaval, maintaining internal security and protecting individual rights will be a tall order for whatever new government is put in place. Our guests this hour are veterans of governmental transitions. What lessons can Afghanistan learn from Rwanda, South Africa, and other nations to ensure that justice is preserved during the difficult transitional phase?


Major Rose Kabuye, Former member of parliament in Rwanda;
Sury Pillay, Public interest lawyer in South Africa;
Rina Amiri, Afghan refugee

Senior Research Associate with the Women's Waging Peace Initiative at Harvard

This program aired on November 14, 2001.


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