College Students React to the War on Terror

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Over 90% of college students nationwide supported the use of air strikes in Afghanistan when the boming began in October. Over 70% donated blood, money, or volunteer time in response to the September 11th attacks. These are just some of the statistics gathered by researchers from Harvard University, who took the pulse of college campuses around the nation in the days and weeks after the attack on the World Trade Center. Unlike the Vietnam era, college students tended to more supportive of military action overseas. This hour, Erin Ashwell, one of the researchers from the Harvard study, discusses the mood on America's college campuses.


Erin Ashwell, Harvard University Senior

Co-Chair of "The Campus Attitudes towards Politics and Public Service" survey, from Harvard's Institute of Politics;
Peter Buttigieg, co-designer of the Harvard study;
Taryn Hodison, state and national news editor of The Maneater, student newspaper at the University of Missouri-Columbia;
Tim Kudo, Editor-in-chief of the Daily Bruin, student newspaper at the UCLA

This program aired on November 28, 2001.


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