Remembering The Lost

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From almost the moment the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center fell, the debate began as to what should be built in their place. For some, anything less than erecting two new massive skyscrapers would amount to a victory for the terrorists. For others, a memorial to the thousands who lost their lives would be a more appropriate use of the space now known as Ground Zero. Building an appropriate memorial for the victims of the September 11th attacks would normally be no easy task. The challenge is even greater when the sacred ground they died on is prime real estate in downtown Manhattan. This hour, the financial, political, and emotional stakes surrounding the future of the World Trade Center site.


Stephen Prothero, Associate Professor of Religion at Boston University

author of "Purified by Fire: A History of Cremation in America";
Kari Watkins, Executive Director of the Oklahoma City National Memorial;
Dan Barry, Reporter for The New York Times;
Marian Fontana, wife of missing New York City Firefighter

This program aired on November 28, 2001.


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