Hollywood Responds to September 11th

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A scene depicting the hero swinging between the twin towers of the World Trade Center has been cut from the upcoming movie "Spiderman." The release of an Arnold Schwarzenegger shoot-em-up thriller involving a terrorist plot to blow up a skyscraper has been postponed indefinitely. Movies have always reflected the times in which they are produced, and Hollywood has responded to Sept. 11th by modifying movies and toning down the violence in its promotion of new releases. On November 11th, President Bush's advisor Karl Rove met with several dozen of Hollywood's power brokers to explore how the movie industry can help out the war on terrorism. Some have decried this meeting an inappropriate while others see it as Hollywood's patriotic duty to respond to a national crisis appropriately. This hour, an examination of how Hollywood is adapting to changing times.


Garen Daley, movie critic and owner of the Dedham Community Theater in Dedham, Massachusetts

This program aired on December 7, 2001.


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