Bob Marley's Music & Social Legacy

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Bob Marley in France, 1980 (AP)
Bob Marley in France, 1980 (AP)

Almost 21 years after his death, Bob Marley is still considered Reggae music's most internationally known figure. Not only did his sound affect a generation of pop music, but he also brought his Rastafarian-influenced messages to the four corners of the world. He became the voice of the poor and the oppressed.

This hour: one of the world's leading experts on Bob Marley examines the political and social influence of his music. Plus, we look at the issues facing the world today and how Bob Marley's message would apply to them.


Roger Steffans, reggae lecturer and archivist, and author of "World of Reggae: Featuring Bob Marley Treasures from Roger Steffans' Reggae Archives."

This program aired on February 8, 2002.


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