The Milosevic Trial: Can International Justice Work?

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The trial of former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic got underway at the Hague today — the largest European war crimes trial since Nuremberg. Milosevic has argued that the international court has no jurisdiction over him and that there is no way he will get a fair trial. The Milosevic trial at the Hague represents a major test for the concept of international justice. A precedent could be set that all the future Idi Amin's and Pol Pot's of the world will have to face the music of an international court. If the trial is seen as unfair, it could spell the end of such international tribunals. This hour, the inner workings of the Hague: Can Milosevic get a fair trial and how will the proceedings impact the future of international law?


Anne Marie Slaughter, Professor of International, Foreign, and Comparative Law at Harvard Law School

Ivana Konstantinovic, Reporter with Radio TV B-92 in Belgrade

This program aired on February 12, 2002.


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