The European View of U.S. Unilateralism

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As the United States pursues its "war against terrorism," several of its most important allies have expressed concern about what they see as America's willingness to go it alone. After President Bush's famous "axis of evil" statement, EU External Affairs Commissioner Chris Patten called the "unilateralist urge" in Washington "profoundly misguided."

To the Europeans, the best way to wage war on terror is to build a strong coalition with the military, economic, and diplomatic might to keep the pressure on terrorists and the nations that might be harboring them.

From environmental to military to economic issues, European leaders have become increasingly frustrated with American unilateralism. This hour, the European view of the tension between the United States and its closest allies — and what it could mean for the war on terrorism.


William Wallace, professor of International Relations at the European Institute

William Taylor, formerly Director of National Security Studies at West Point

Rupert Cornwall, reporter for Britain's daily newspaper The Independent in Washington

This program aired on February 25, 2002.


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