The Case for Defense Transformation

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According to national security analyst Chris Seiple, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have it right when it comes to American security and the use of its military.

Democrats want to use the military for everything, from nation building to humanitarian issues. Republicans only want the military to be used with overwhelming force in conventional wars. Seiple says America was vulnerable to the Sept. 11th attacks because the nation's "Cold War hangover" allowed terrorists to attack us between these two false archtypes.

The ironic thing, Seiple points out, is that the military, for all of their might, cannot provide for our security. The key is a better integration and organization of all of the resources and departments that the nation has at its disposal. Instead, the nation continues to look at the military as the answer.

This hour, America's Cold War hangover and the possible over-reliance on the military.


Chris Seiple, Executive Vice President, Institute for Global Engagement, has worked with Congress and the Pentagon as a national security analyst, former Marine Officer

This program aired on February 27, 2002.


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