The Genomics Revolutions: Changing the Future of Business

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In the digital revolution the language is binary code, 0's and 1's. In the life science revolution, the language is genetics-based.

Harvard business school professor, Juan Enriquez, says that societies that understand the genetic alphabet will get richer while countries that are scientifically illiterate will fall further and further behind.

In the world of business, the life science revolution will change companies outside the biotech bubble, from the computer industry to the insurance industry.

This hour, the life science revolution, changing the future of business. Is the Human Genome Project a knowledge-based goldmine? What is the earning potential of genetic information?


Juan Enriquez, Director of the Life Sciences Project at Harvard Business School and author of "As the Future Catches You: How Genomics & Other Forces are changing Your Life, Work, Health & Wealth."

This program aired on April 1, 2002.


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