A New Kind of Peace Movement

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Peace movements seem to have fallen out of fashion since their heyday of the 1960s. After the September 11th attacks, there were hardly any voices calling for a peaceful response. Security and defense in the 21st century call for strong military responses to threats, and calls for peace are faint at best.

American activists are calling for a new kind of peace movement, in light of America's new international agenda. Unlike past movements of the 20th century, this new, updated peace movement, would be patriotic, embracing symbols like the American flag as peace symbols, and would support the armed services, as appropriate for some work.

This hour, we'll look at the prospects for a "new" kind of peace.


Charles Knight, Director of the Project for Defense Alternatives, at the Commonwealth Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Michael Lerner, editor of the Tikkum Magazine, Rabbi at Beyt Tikkum Synagogue in San Francisco

This program aired on April 16, 2002.


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