The "Refusenik" Soldiers of Israel

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The actions of the Israeli Defense Force have been dominating the headlines over the past several weeks. The Israeli army is a powerful force, and the commitment to the military is a basic part of Israeli society.

But for many Israeli soldiers, the fighting taking place is Palestinian territories has created a moral conundrum. This hour, we talk to a soldier who — after years of dedicated service — has stood up to that force, and said "no" to fighting in the occupied territories.

Guy Grossman is one of more than five hundred soldiers, known as "refuseniks," officers who say they will not fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to "dominate, expel, starve, and humiliate an entire people." To some, the refuseniks are traitors. To others, they are heroes.

This hour, Israel and its soldier "refuseniks."


Guy Grossman, Israeli officer in the reserves, former paratrooper, 11th officer to sign on the "Courage to Refuse" letter

This program aired on April 26, 2002.


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