The "Star Wars" Phenomenon

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A long time ago...well, 25 years ago next week..."Star Wars" first took to the silver screen. Two nights ago, "Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones" debuted in sold-out theaters across the country. Although the fifth "Star Wars" movie is not expected to surpass the records "Spider-man" set two weeks ago, it is expected to have one of the biggest opening weekends in history.

In an age of fickle American audiences — when today's star is tomorrow's has-been and movie sequels generally fail miserably — "Star Wars" has managed to not only hold the attention of an entire generation, but to capture the imaginations of new audiences who weren't even born the day Luke Skywalker first picked up his light saber.

So what is it about these movies that have made them so appealing for so long? This hour, a look at the magic and the myth of "Star Wars."


Garen Daly, On Point's movie maven, film reviewer and owner of the Dedham Community Theatre in Dedham, Massachusetts

Will Brooker, author of "Using the Force: Creativity, Community, and Star Wars Fans"

Jerry Buote, Public Relations officer for the New England Garrison of the 501st Storm Trooper Legion

This program aired on May 17, 2002.


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