Waiting for Homeland Security

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A mood of concern and fear has returned to the United States, after the FBI issued new warnings about possible attacks on New York City landmarks and several top governmental officials called a future terrorist attack "inevitable" over the weekend.

A national strategy to protect the homeland is expected sometime this summer. Meanwhile, says terrorism expert David McIntyre, state and local governments are sitting on their hands, waiting for the federal government to come up with all the answers.

Ultimately, McIntyre argues, it will be up to local governments and citizens to take the real steps to create homeland security. The federal government has an important role. It can provide guidelines and coordination and border patrols. But guarding ports and protecting buildings and keeping the subways safe can only be done locally. But so far state and local governments have been apathetic, waiting for a cue from above that may not ever come.

This hour, who is responsible for providing homeland security? Are state and local governments and ordinary citizens doing enough, or is there too much reliance on the federal government to come up with all the answers?


David McIntyre, Deputy Director of the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security

This program aired on May 22, 2002.


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