The State of Airline Security and the Airline Industry

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An estimated 4 million Americans took to the skies during Memorial Day weekend, the start of the all-important summer travel season for the airline industry. The numbers were down 7 percent from last year's Memorial Day weekend, an ominous portent for an industry still struggling to recover from September 11th.

This hour, we check in on the health of the airline industry and the changes it has made in response to the 9/11 hijackings. Many travelers noticed longer security lines over the past several months. But is airline travel really any safer than it was last summer? We'll begin the hour with one employee at Logan Airport who shares the troubling security issues she observes.

Also, the federal government has injected billions of dollars to aid the airline industry, but will that be enough? Several aviation experts say no, and that Americans should expect another round of airline bankruptcies this fall.

Is the airline industry in serious trouble? This hour, a look at the state and future of American air travel.


Jane Fitzgerald (pseudonym), employee at Logan Airport

Darryl Jenkins, Director at the Aviation Institute at George Washington University

Rudy Maxa, expert-in-residence with "The Savvy Traveler"

This program aired on May 28, 2002.


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