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Bringing Closure to Ground Zero

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For eight and a half months, recovery workers tirelessly carted away the 1.7 million tons of wreckage that once made up the World Trade Center. In a simple, solemn ceremony earlier today, the final steel beam was loaded onto a flatbed truck and carried away.Today's ceremony brings a sense of closure to a city and a nation that suffered perhaps the most painful day in its history on September 11th.

A recent study concludes that as many as 400,000 New Yorkers suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or depression as a result of the attack on their city. This hour, as the recovery effort comes to at the World Trade Center, we check in on the mood of the nation and the city that bore the brunt of 9/11.

Our guest this hour, photographer Joel Meyerowitz, has spent most of the past eight and a half months at Ground Zero with recovery workers. This hour, he shares his insight on what today's closure ceremony means to the workers, the city, and the nation as a whole.


Joel Meyerowitz, photographer who has documented the recovery effort at Ground Zero since 9/11

Ian Miller, clinical psychologist in New York City, Red Cross volunteer at Ground Zero

This program aired on May 30, 2002.


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