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America will deck out in red, white, and blue to celebrate her birthday on the 4th.

As in years past, there will be fireworks, patriotic songs, and flag waving. But this year is different.

The flags have been flying since 9/11 and the nation has spent the months since the terrorist attacks thinking about what it means to be an American.

In this hour, patriotism in the post 9/11 America. What is the meaning of the red, white, and blue? Do the symbols of America have a new meaning this year? Do they ring true to you? Is there a place for dissenters under the umbrella of patriotism?


Retired Colonel David Hackworth, one of America's most decorated soldiers, author of "Steel My Solders' Hearts;"Carolyn Marvin, Professor of Communication at The University of Pennsylvania

Tom Cushman, sociology professor at Wellesley College

This program aired on July 3, 2002.


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