Imperialism on the Silver Screen

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photoWe're going to the movies tonight with gatling guns and brass buttons, pith helmets and Gungha Din. We're going to the movies with the Hollywood films that paint the grandeur and gore of the golden age of Imperialism. Of Rudyard Kipling and Lawrence of Arabia, of British Empire and American ambition. Hollywood loved Imperialism's exotic settings and outlandish dreams. But the movies have also captured the madness and mayhem in the wish to rule the world. Of Sean Connery and Michael Caine setting off into Central Asia in "The Man who Would be King". "It's a place of warring tribes, which is to say of opportunity for such as we," Connery's character tells Kipling. And they're off. To glory. To empire. To death. Up next On Point: Camera! Action! Imperialism!


Garen Daly, Owner of the Dedham Community Theatre in Dedham, MA and On Point's Movie Maven

Jack Beatty, On Point's news analyst and Senior Editor at the Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on September 19, 2002.


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