A Window on Ramallah

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photoLife in the eye of the storm. They are women who live and work in Ramallah. Tending to families and friends, going to work in schools and universities. They move in the shadows of tanks and within the confines of curfews. But always, there is community.

Tonight On Point, a conversation about the rigors and realities of life under clampdown. First, the view from inside Ramallah with two women who live and work there. Then, an Israeli civil rights activist and a journalist weigh in with the view from both sides of the Mideast conflict.


Salma Khalidi, teacher, the Friends School, Ramallah

Riham Barghouti, external relations officer, Birzeit University, Ramallah

Devorah Brous, founder, Bustan l'Shalom, and Israeli coordinator of the Compassionate Listening Project

Matthew Kalman, Jerusalem correspondent, the London Daily Mail

This program aired on October 10, 2002.


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