Inside Hezbollah

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photo"Verily," says the Qu'ran, "the party of God will be victorious." And from that line of Islamic scripture, Hezbollah, or the party of God, takes its name.

Before September 11 last year and the onslaught of Al Qaeda, no terrorist group in the world killed more Americans than Hezbollah. Even now, with American guns turning on Al Qaeda and Iraq, it is Hezbollah - with backing from Syria and Iran - that fixates many terrorist trackers, especially in Israel.

Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg has tracked Hezbollah from its Bekaa valley heartland in Lebanon, to the shadowlands of South America, to the streets of North Carolina.

Hezbollah is looking to take Israel down. Israel is hungry to take Hezbollah down. When and if the US Goes to war with Iraq, both may have their chance.

This hour, On Point: Inside Hezbollah.


Jeffrey Goldberg, author of "In the Party of God", a two-part report appearing in October issues of The New Yorker

Senator Bob Graham, D-Florida, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

This program aired on October 30, 2002.


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