Government Jobs Up for Bid

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photoSo you, or your cousin, have a nice federal job and you're feeling pretty good about riding out rough economic times. Think again.

Last week, the Bush administration announced it intends to put nearly half the federal workforce's jobs up for bid, with private contractors more than welcome to grab what they can. So much for federal job security.

What's the real impact of the jobs going private? The White House says it's all about efficeincy and saving tax dollars. Unions say it's Bush taking labor's scalp --again. Muckrakers say it's a new avenue for fat patronage deals.

Does privatizing ultimately save money or just create an alternative universe of tax-fed contractors?


Jason Peckenpaugh, Reporter for the Government Executive

Paul C. Light, Douglas Dillon Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Adrian Moore, VP of Research for the Reason Foundation and Recipient of a 2002 World Outsourcing Award in the 'Advisors, Consultants and Analysts' category;Jackie Simon, Public Policy Director for American Federation of Government Employees

This program aired on November 20, 2002.


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